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Lawn Renovations

Lawn Renovations

Looking at laying new turf or have lawn that needs to be renovated?

Brisbane Lawn & Landscaping Experts are turf laying and lawn renovation experts.

Issues with your lawn can be corrected by renovating an existing lawn, include incorrect soil PH levels, soil density, thatch, undesirable grass types and general neglect.

Some straightforward solutions to help repair your lawn include:

  • Lawn Aeration
  • Lawn Scarification (also known as Dethatching / Vertimowing )
  • Fertilisation
  • Top dressing

Soil Preparation & New Turf

Are you looking for a great new lawn for your front and back yard or maybe you have a commercial property that needs freshening up?

Laying new turf is simple, getting it to grow properly is the hard part.

Getting your land properly prepared, choosing the right turf, and knowing how to care for and water your grass in those first few weeks is crucial.

This is why you need the professional services of a company with the knowledge about new turf laying.

Brisbane Lawn & Landscaping Experts are turf laying specialists. We know the turf you need so that your grass will look great all year round.

Lawn Aeration & Scarifying

Lawn Aeration / Coring:

Over time the soil underneath your lawn gets compacted and this restricts the amount of air that gets to your soil and the root system of your lawn.

By regularly aerating your lawn you give your entire lawn a breath of fresh air to help it thrive, sending its root system deeper into the now freshly oxygenated soil.

A bonus about aerating your soil is that it’s also the perfect time to fertilise your lawn with the new holes letting nutrients get right to the roots.

Scarifying / Vertimowing:

Lawn scarification is the process of raking a lawn with the intention of removing thatch. When carried out appropriately it can lead to a healthier, greener lawn.

Thatch is essentially side shoots of grass which normally create a lush, thick lawn, but then die off to make way for new runners. As these grass shoots decompose, they produce a chemical called lignin, which makes the remaining material slow to break down further. This dead grass then becomes intertwined with newer shoots of grass, and this composite is known as thatch.

Some thatch is good for lawns – around a few centimetres is good, as it protects the root of the grass while allowing nutrients through to the soil and grass roots. It also acts as a buffer against extreme temperatures and helps to prevent soil compaction. The issue, however, with too much thatch is that it stops air, nutrients, and water from reaching the roots of the lawn, and therefore stops healthy growth and nourishment. It also creates an uneven lawn and the latticework of partially decomposed material encourages disease.

Top Dressing

There are only 2 reasons you would ever need to top dress a new or established lawn. The first is to improve the level, fill in holes or fix the grade and the second is to add nutrient back into the soil as part of your annual or regular lawn care program.

Top dressing helps to increase nutrient retention, improves drainage and increases disease and pest resistance.

Top dressing should only be completed during the growing season (this is when you need to mow your lawn weekly) and the earlier in the season the better. Generally late spring to early summer is best.

Lawn Fertiliser

Fertiliser is simply a food source that lawn requires on a regular basis so it retains good health, colour and help prevents against stress and diseases.

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