Brisbane Lawn & Landscaping Experts | Garden Care
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Garden Care

Garden Design

Brisbane Lawn & Landscaping Experts can help you turn your garden into a showpiece.

We can take your outdoor space dreams and turn them into a reality, working with you to ensure your gardens stand out from the crowd.

Whether it’s a small courtyard, gardens in both the front and back yards, around pools, acreage or commercial properties we have the advice for you.

Garden Clean Ups

Has your garden gotten away on you?

No problem, our professional gardeners can bring it back under control!

We are the experts when it comes to rejuvenating your garden with a professional garden clean up. Beautify your property for sale or just so you can find the kids and pets!

Gardens can easily get out-of-hand and start looking scruffy even during the slow growing time of year.  Whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter there is nothing like having a well maintained garden and lawn.


Garden Fertiliser

For a healthy, flourishing garden, it’s essential to feed your plants. But where to begin? With so many fertilisers available, choosing which is best for each part of your garden can be a challenge.

Each fertiliser has its own purpose, but what might be great for one plant might not be quite right for another.

Brisbane Lawn & Landscaping Experts know what your plants need for optimum growth, finding you the right fertiliser that is best value for your garden.

Garden Beds

Raised garden beds can be useful for everyone, and look great. They are ideal for people who have trouble working at ground level, but are also a convenient way to create perfect planting conditions for your edible garden.

Brisbane Lawn & Landscaping Experts can create veggie gardens, decorative gardens and much more in a range of shapes and sizes.

Garden Bed

Plants & Flowers

Brisbane Lawn & Landscaping Experts offers a full line of planting service.  Whether planting trees, shrubs, evergreens, succulents, perennials or annuals, Precision Lawn Services can professionally and reliably handle all your planting needs.

We take great care not only when selecting the right plants for your location, but in the installation process as well. We go to great lengths when choosing our growers and providers.

For all your landscaping, lawn and gardening needs.